You don’t have to be a grime star or American gangster to rock a gold chain. Regardless of your rap skills or occupation, the best gold chains for men will certainly do wonders for your street cred. Gold chains have been a timeless must-have accessory for men throughout the ages. But not all men’s gold […]Read more


One of the questions we get asked most as Jewellers, is about the lifespan of our gold bonded range (The Urban Collection). Whilst the general consensus is that gold bonded jewellery will only last a few years, we have a few pro-tips to knock that theory on its head! Expand the lifespan of your gold […]Read more


Gold is respected worldwide for its value, transferability, investment and as a store of wealth. It has a rich history, and for thousands of years this has been recognised by cultures all over the globe as a means of both storing and transferring wealth. So why is gold the perfect investment in 2023? The first […]Read more

Where is the best place to sell jewellery?

Parting with your favourite necklace, diamond ring, or cherished family heirloom is a big decision. It’s now easier than ever to sell your jewellery in the UK and there are dozens of options out there to choose from. Whether online or on the high street, it’s important to find somewhere reputable and trustworthy that will […]Read more
Iced out jewellery collection.

Iced Out Jewellery Guide

What is iced out jewellery? The term ‘iced out’ refers to any type of jewellery embedded with diamonds, emeralds, or precious stones. You’ve seen the giant diamond encrusted chains that hip – hop artists wear, right? That’s iced out jewellery. To give a piece of jewellery the iced out look it is usually set with […]Read more

What are adjustable rings?

So, what is an adjustable ring? An adjustable ring is exactly what it sounds like, a ring that you can adjust the size of to fit your finger. These designs usually feature a small gap in the ring band which allows you to pull or squeeze the ring to widen or narrow it. This means […]Read more

How to measure your ring size at home

What is a ring size? When it comes to buying rings, the hardest part is finding the right size. The last thing you want after you order that perfect piece is to find that it doesn’t fit. The good news is that you can avoid all of this by finding out your ring size. In […]Read more

Silver Jewellery Trends For 2022

As summer approaches you might be thinking about copping some new pieces for your wardrobe. If you’re not interested in gold, the obvious choice is silver. From heavy chains to statement rings the options can seem endless. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the must have trends for 2022. CURB CHAIN The […]Read more
Gold belcher chains.

What is a belcher chain?

so what are they? Some trends come and go, but the belcher chain is a timeless classic and the ultimate choice for heavy jewellery lovers. Also known as ‘rolo chains’, belchers are made from interlocking oval or circular links that are thick and evenly shaped. These links can come patterned or polished and have a […]Read more

8 Popular Gold Bracelet Styles For 2022

What to buy? There are tons of gold bracelets out there and it can get a little confusing when it comes to buying one. That’s why we are sharing 8 of our favourite modern and classic styles that we think will dominate 2022. BELCHER Belcher links are a classic choice to wear as a chain […]Read more