Gold belcher chains.

What is a belcher chain?

so what are they?

Some trends come and go, but the belcher chain is a timeless classic and the ultimate choice for heavy jewellery lovers. Also known as ‘rolo chains’, belchers are made from interlocking oval or circular links that are thick and evenly shaped. These links can come patterned or polished and have a distinctive look and quality that is unmistakable.

How to choose a belcher chain?

Unsure what style you should be repping? We’re here to help. Famous for their adaptability and universal appeal, you can find belchers with every link size and thickness you can imagine. The most popular options for men are heavy chains with thick and chunky links. This unmissable style is especially popular in the UK urban jewellery scene. Women, however, often opt for smaller and thinner links which can make great lightweight chains for everyday wear. You might also find that patterned belcher links all have their own unique design. The design on a belcher link can be a key deciding factor for people when choosing a belcher chain.

The most common metal for belcher chains is gold or silver. You can also find belchers set with cubic zirconia stones if you’re looking to add a bit more bling to your collection. Ultimately, it’s down to your own personal preferences when choosing a belcher chain.

Gold belcher chains.

Where do belcher chains come from?

Belcher chains originated in the UK and are said to be named after the belcher neckerchief; an 18th century item of clothing worn around the neck. These neckerchiefs were tied in a ring similar to the belcher link and were popularised by James Belcher who was a famous English bare-knuckle boxer from London.


These statement chains are championed for their versatility and can be worn as stand – alone pieces or with your favourite pendant. We recommend using a thinner chain if you choose to don a pendant to help your piece stand out. If you want to wear the chain as a stand – alone piece, simply throw it on over your favourite shirt or hoodie for a classic streetwear aesthetic.

How to look after a belcher chain?

Like with any piece of jewellery it’s important to take care of your chain. People often choose heavy pieces with thick links making them prone to breakage. Wearing heavy pendants also puts a strain on the links which can cause them to break.

To keep your chain looking fresh we recommend the following cleaning method:

  • Step 1 – Prepare a bowl of warm water and odourless liquid soap.
  • Step 2 – Soak your chain for several minutes.
  • Step 3 – Rub your chain with a toothbrush of soft cloth to remove any dirt.
  • Step 4 – Dry your chain with a soft cloth by patting it dry. Do not leave your jewellery to air dry!

This simple method is a fantastic way to keep your jewellery looking dapper. Although this is a great method for gold or silver, we don’t recommend soaking any bonded or plated jewellery in water as it may tarnish.

Where to get belcher chains?

You can find belcher chains everywhere. Here at J.V. Jewellers we love our belcher chains and stock a range of gold, silver, and plated options. Shop our full chain collection below.