Iced out hip hop jewellery.

Iced Out Jewellery Guide

What is iced out jewellery?

The term ‘iced out’ refers to any type of jewellery embedded with diamonds, emeralds, or precious stones. You’ve seen the giant diamond encrusted chains that hip – hop artists wear, right? That’s iced out jewellery. To give a piece of jewellery the iced out look it is usually set with dozens to hundreds of stones. This can be done with bracelets, chains, rings, pendants, and even watches.

Iced out jewellery on a budget?

Although ice usually refers to diamonds, you don’t have to fork out thousands if you want to flex an iced out piece.

Cubic Zirconia

A popular alternative to diamonds is to cop a gold or silver piece of jewellery set with cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a lab made gemstone designed to look like a diamond. To the untrained eye it’s difficult to tell the difference, making it a great affordable substitute if you want the iced out look without the price tag. These stones are just a fraction of the price of a diamond and can look as good as the real thing if manufactured well.

Close – up cubic zirconia ring

Plated Jewellery

If you are looking to buy cheap iced out jewellery without breaking the bank, plated jewellery is the way to go. These pieces usually consist of a base metal such as steel or copper covered with a layer of gold and are usually set with cubic zirconia. The benefit of not buying precious metals or diamonds means that you can get giant pieces that turn heads and switch up your style more often.

Gold plated gypsy bracelet

Popular iced out jewellery trends

When it comes to iced out jewellery there is no limit to what you can cop. You can cover just about any item of jewellery in diamonds or gemstones; people have even done it with cars.  There are a few options though that you can’t go wrong with when it comes to buying iced out jewellery:

Iced out Cuban

The iced out Cuban link is considered one of the most popular accessories for hip hop artists. This iconic style is unmistakable and the first choice for many jewellery lovers. If you’re unsure what you want, get yourself an iced out Cuban bracelet or chain.

Iced out star ring

The iced out star ring is another popular design in hip – hop culture. These are usually made from gold or silver and crafted into the shape of a star. When coated in cubic zirconia these rings are the perfect piece if you are looking to get noticed.

Iced out saddle ring

If you are looking for something a little different, we suggest the iced out saddle ring. This is a modern twist on the timeless gold saddle ring which is a popular design in the UK. If you are looking to turn heads this ring will guarantee it.

Iced out rope chain

The iced out rope chain is another style made popular by hip hop culture. You will find tons of rap and grime artists that don this chain in a variety of different styles.

Iced Out Pendants

When it comes to iced out pendants it’s difficult to choose just one design. You can get whatever you want, as big as you want. You can buy pre – made designs or even get yourself a custom job. You’ll find artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Pump, and Drake rocking some huge iced out pieces.

How to care for iced out jewellery?

As with any piece of jewellery, you need to know how to care for your iced out piece if you want it to last. Here are just a few tips on how to care for your iced out jewellery.

Clean it regularly

Make sure to clean your iced out jewellery often to keep it looking fresh. You can use a soft brush or toothbrush to remove any dirt that your jewellery has collected. If you have gold or silver ice, use warm water and odourless soap to clean, then pat with a soft towel. Don’t leave it to drip dry! If you are buying plated items, make sure they are waterproof before using this method as they may tarnish.

Keep it safe

This might seem obvious, but you must keep your jewellery safe if you want it to last. Having hundreds of small stones makes your jewellery more prone to damage, so try to avoid doing anything too active when wearing your ice. You should also keep your jewellery somewhere safe such as a jewellery box or drawer, and if possible, wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch separate from other pieces

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