You don’t have to be a grime star or American gangster to rock a gold chain. Regardless of your rap skills or occupation, the best gold chains for men will certainly do wonders for your street cred. Gold chains have been a timeless must-have accessory for men throughout the ages. But not all men’s gold chains are the same. From cuban to curb and rope to belcher, the luxury jewellery staple comes in a wide range of styles. Below you can find our pick’s for the best styles of gold chains for men.


Featuring interlocked tulip-shaped links, this is one of the most unique chains on the market. The tulip chain is a statement design featuring handcrafted detailing and a luxury finish.

18ct gold bonded 28 inch XXL tulip chain.


Consisting of several small links which pattern the shape of a rope, this style is immensely popular throughout the world. The rope chain is popular within the Hip-Hop community and was popularised by Golden age rap groups, Run D.M.C. as well as Eric B. & Rakim. This chain is perfect to wear on its own or decorated with one of your favourite pendants.

Gold bonded rope chain.


The stars and bars chain is a fancy design of chain featuring a small fancy link, a round belcher link and a fancy elongated link. The pattern contains cut-out ‘stars and bars’ markings and luxury detailing to make up the unique design.

18ct Gold Bonded 26 Inch 3D Stars and Bars Chain.


This style is popular amongst travelling communities and features alternating belcher links connected by rectangular links. The gypsy link chain is a statement piece.


curb chain was originally a piece of horse tack required for proper use on any type of curb bit. It is a flat linked chain that interlocks under the chain groove. This simple yet effective chain design is a classic that has remained one of the most popular throughout the ages.


Originating in the early 1800’s, belcher chains are as timeless as they are sleek. They consist of uniform interlocking links to create a refined necklace. The belcher chain is the perfect investment piece for any jewellery box and has remained a best seller since its conception.

Gold bonded 15mm belcher chain.


In recent years, gold chains have attained a new mainstream appeal and have always stayed in style. A gold chain for men is a stylish piece of men’s jewellery that is completely timeless and a good foundation for those new to fashion. Gold chains for men can be understated and elegant or a bold statement piece depending on what style you go for. Browse our website to find the perfect gold chain for you or contact JV Jewellers for any further information.