8 Popular Gold Bracelet Styles For 2022

What to buy?

There are tons of gold bracelets out there and it can get a little confusing when it comes to buying one. That’s why we are sharing 8 of our favourite modern and classic styles that we think will dominate 2022.


Belcher links are a classic choice to wear as a chain or bracelet, especially in Britain. Always on – trend, these pieces consist of uniformly sized links which can feature intricate patterns or a smooth polished finish.

This statement style is also one of the most versatile, making it suitable for men, women, and children. Belcher bracelets are often sought after for their varying levels of thickness and size. This ranges from a thinner more feminine link to a larger and chunkier masculine style.


9 carat large tulip bracelet.

If you are looking for a more unique alternative to a belcher link, people often opt for the tulip bracelet. More elegant than the belcher, these bracelets are still popular amongst both men and women. These pieces can consist of patterned or polished links and come in various sizes, thicknesses, and designs.  It is also common to see these bracelets include various colours of links such as rose, white, and yellow gold.

Stars & bars

The Stars & Bars bracelet is a classic design that is a popular unisex piece. As the name suggests, these are often made from long textured or polished bar links decorated with star shaped holes. These look great in yellow or rose gold and often feature a T – bar for a timeless look. If you are looking for a stand out bracelet for daily wear, this is the one. For the more adventurous jewellery lovers it is also common to see these bracelets embedded with cubic zirconia stones.


The presidential style is a popular design inspired by the bracelet of a Rolex watch. Often adorned with stones these pieces are popular for their iced-out hip – hop appeal. These are suitable for people looking to make a statement with a flashier look and can be seen decorating many huge rap and grime artists. For a more subtle style, you can also find this bracelet without the stones featuring slick and polished links.


Everyone has at one point seen a curb bracelet or chain. This classic design is made to be durable and long lasting which has helped maintain their reputation over time as one of the most popular link styles. These bracelets are a common choice for heavy jewellery lovers as they are made to be thick and durable. These pieces look great made from gold or silver and can be worn as a daily accessory or for more formal occasions.


The rope link is another classic style to wear as a chain or bracelet. These pieces are made from small links that are joined in a twisting pattern to replicate the appearance of a rope. As a chain these are often adorned with a pendant but can also be worn as a bracelet for a simple statement look. These pieces are suitable for daily wear and can last for years if you treat them right.


The Cuban link is an iconic luxury design that has been popular in hip – hop culture for decades. This hugely popular style is also regarded as one of the sturdiest and sleekest options for bracelets and chains, featuring durable interlocking links that can be crafted into large and heavy pieces.

You can find these oversized statement pieces decorating some of the biggest hip – hop artists, often embellished- with cubic zirconia stones or diamonds.


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